ActivTrak vs HiveDesk: Head to Head Comparison

ActivTrak vs HiveDesk

In today’s rapidly changing work landscape, employee monitoring software has become an essential tool for businesses to enhance productivity and efficiency. Two popular solutions in this domain are ActivTrak and Hive Desk. In this article, we will conduct an in-depth analysis of these platforms, comparing their features to help you make an informed decision that aligns with your specific requirements. Additionally, we will introduce a powerful alternative to further boost employee productivity.

ActivTrak: Optimizing Employee Performance 

ActivTrak is a comprehensive employee monitoring software designed to track and analyze the productivity of both in-house and remote teams. It offers automatic time tracking app, making it easy to understand how employees spend their work hours. Compatible with Mac OS, Windows, Linux, and cloud-based services, ActivTrak provides a user-friendly dashboard and activity log to view team activities and breakdown employee tasks during work hours.

HiveDesk: Effective Workforce Management

HiveDesk is a workforce management tool that enables company managers to assess team performance and project progress. With compatibility for Mac OS, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android, HiveDesk offers interactive time tracking features through time cards and timesheets. Additionally, it facilitates project and task tracking for efficient project management.

Time Tracking: ActivTrak vs. HiveDesk 

ActivTrak’s automatic time tracking silently records mouse and keyboard activities, while HiveDesk employs interactive time capture through time cards for specific tasks or projects. HiveDesk’s approach allows for more flexibility in how employees clock in and out, whereas ActivTrak provides a more comprehensive time tracking functionality.

Productivity Management

Both tools excel in productivity management, but ActivTrak boasts a broader range of features. It includes a daily team pulse for real-time productivity monitoring, screen capture for visual insight into employee activities, website blocking to restrict access to time-consuming sites, and custom alarms for managing distractions. HiveDesk also offers activity monitoring and screenshots for employee evaluation.

Project Management

While HiveDesk has dedicated project and task tracking features, ActivTrak focuses on workforce optimization using time tracking and activity monitoring to estimate project progress. HiveDesk’s project tracking allows managers to assign employees to different projects, track their time, and manage labor costs efficiently.


 ActivTrak features scheduling software that allows managers to organize employee shifts, while HiveDesk lacks a dedicated scheduling feature. However, in HiveDesk, managers can create tasks or assign project roles with due dates to team members.

Attendance Tracking: ActivTrak vs. ActivTrak, unfortunately, lacks dedicated attendance tracking capabilities.


Both platforms offer detailed reports to measure employee productivity and improve performance. ActivTrak provides reports on time usage, web, and app usage, as well as security tracking. HiveDesk offers team activity reports, chart reports for visual representation, and screenshot reports for productivity insights.


ActivTrak excels in integrations with around 20+ tools, including popular payroll software, project management software, and business intelligence software. In contrast, HiveDesk only integrates with Asana.

Conclusion: The Right Fit for Your Business

 Both ActivTrak and HiveDesk are powerful employee monitoring solutions, each with its strengths and unique features. If your priority lies in comprehensive time tracking, productivity management, and integration options, ActivTrak may be the better choice. On the other hand, HiveDesk is a robust workforce management tool with dedicated project and task tracking capabilities, making it ideal for organizations seeking efficient project management.

Remember that selecting the right employee monitoring software depends on your specific business needs and priorities. To further enhance employee productivity and streamline workflow, consider exploring alternative software options and conducting trials to find the perfect fit for your organization’s unique requirements. With the right tools in hand, you can empower your teams to work efficiently and achieve success in today’s dynamic business environment.

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