How to create an e-commerce site?

e-commerce site

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Despite global economic uncertainty, e-commerce continues to grow and expand at a steady pace. The number of people shopping online has never been higher.

Want to jump on the bandwagon?

Creating an e-commerce site is not that difficult in itself: you do not need any technical knowledge or programming to get started. By continuing to read this article, you will see how to set up (and operate) your e-commerce site.

Competition analysis

You have of course already defined your sector of activity, now you need to carry out a market study of it.

From there, you can choose your axis of communication, in order to stand out from them: do you have competitive advantages? Are there products you sell that they don’t?

If not, imagine a striking, different communication that will bring you the originality you need to get started. Also define your target customers: gender, age group, consumption habits, etc.

Once you know where you are heading, you will have to concretize the project of creating your merchant site.

In these specifications, you can also make a summary of your market study, to give the service provider an idea of ​​the competitive environment in which your project is located and so that he can advise you.

Download a free model of specifications to create your e-commerce site .

Which solution to choose to sell on the Internet?

Depending on the criteria established in the specifications, such as the target clientele (sale between professionals or sale to individuals), but also your budget or the time available, several solutions are available to you for the creation of your website. . For example, you can opt for:

A real online store accessible to all and which allows customers to buy and pay directly on the Internet

Register on one or more Marketplaces, such as Amazon, Cdiscount, Rakuten to sell your products there.

An extranet for existing customers, ie a site with secure access, with the possibility of presenting your products and taking orders.

Design your product catalog

Undoubtedly the most important thing when creating your e-commerce site: the products! Contact your suppliers and ask them for the data of the products you will sell: for example, the weight and dimensions can be used to calculate the shipping costs that you will have to charge on your e-commerce site. The barcode (or a unique reference per product) is also necessary.

You will also need to have product photos worthy of the name, for example by contextualizing your products.

If you are the manufacturer of your own products, it is up to you to collect this data, which will be used to create the product sheets for your online store.

The content of these product sheets has a double use: it is both what causes a sale but also what references your online store on search engines. Product sheets empty of content will not convert and will not be referenced either.

By having a perfectly filled in file, importing into your e-commerce solution will become child’s play.

Well-written product sheets can allow you to better reference your products on the web. To be sure to have product sheets optimized for SEO, have them written by ‘s web writing professionals .

Design your product catalog

The means of payment must be defined upstream in order to configure them on the site and configure them. Setting up a payment method can take time, remember to take this time into account in your schedule.

Depending on the type of clientele targeted, one method of payment will be more appropriate than another. Do not stop at just one of them: Internet users like to have a choice. You can choose at least 3 payment methods from the following list:

Important: Be sure to properly integrate and configure your payment solution to avoid any security breaches. To ensure that your payment system works properly, entrust its integration to a professional developer. Find many freelancers available quickly on .

Choose delivery methods

The method of delivery is crucial, as are the rates for it. Many cart abandonments are due to an inappropriate delivery method (or cost). Too high shipping costs scare away customers! In fact, in the world of e-commerce, customers are used to comparing offers, and the delivery price is the first criterion for choosing Internet users: even when offering products that are cheaper than your competitors, if your delivery price delivery is too high, Internet users risk looking elsewhere.

What methods of delivery of your articles will you offer?

You must make your choice taking into account the type of product sold, the method and the delivery rate of your competitors.

As for the product sheets, the content of the pages of your e-commerce site is an essential element: it informs and gives confidence to Internet users and improves natural referencing. For example, the “ Who we are ” page will reassure the customer about the company, its ethics, its practices and its experience.

The page containing the delivery methods will inform the customer about the deadlines and prices.

If other content pages are needed, or if you want to add a blog to your online store, prepare this content in advance: your “fixed” pages must be online from D-Day! As for the blog,

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