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For almost three decades now, mobile applications have emerged and it is with great ease and frequency that we use them today. But if this kind of format is very popular and easy to use these days, we must not forget its origin: the website. Let’s take a look at the 5 differences between Instagram’s smartphone application and its original website.

The origin of the mobile application

Originally, a person creates a website , a social network and develops it in such a way that it attracts an audience. The site is built according to a set of HTML files stored on a server connected to the Internet. These websites are accessible through different browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Firefox. And if this format was all the rage for a long time in the 90s, it was without counting on the appearance of mobile applications, which are faster, more practical and generally more attractive.

The most popular websites are entitled to their own application. This “app” is therefore an integral part of the website, which is a complete product. To develop the application of a site, it will first be necessary to start by investing, because an application is expensive by its complexity to build it. It takes time, work and money!

And for Instagram?

For Instagram, it’s the same, except that… The site was first created as an application, and then developed as a website. This service, allowing you to share photos and videos online, was launched on October 6, 2010 as an application and immediately won over the globe. Its creators therefore decided to develop the desktop version much later, explaining the few features available on the website compared to its mobile version.

So what are the 5 most obvious differences between these two versions?

Instagram mobile VS Instagram Desktop

The desktop version faces the mobile application.

1. Reals

This rather new feature on Instagram can only be accessed through a smartphone. It is not found on the computer version of the platform. The reals are a feature that competes with TikTok and which offers users the possibility of endlessly scrolling longer or shorter videos. This modality can be found under the “video” tab in the middle, at the bottom of your smartphone screen. However, you won’t find it anywhere on your computer screen, because it’s just not available. Although the stories have their place in the website version, the real ones will still have to wait for the next update…

View or create reels intuitively.

2. Les lives

Just like the real ones, the lives also have no place on the desktop version of Instagram. It is therefore impossible for you to film yourself live and interact with your followers from your PC. To do this, you will need to log into your account via a smartphone.

3. Launch a live in three clicks.

Posting a photo or video online will involve a different process from a computer to a mobile phone. The app will give you a lot more options when it comes to publishing content compared to the website.

On your smartphone, you can:

Tag a person

Add a place

Add a reminder

Booster ton post

Add a fundraiser

Post on one of your other Instagram accounts

Post on one of your other social networks

On your computer, you can:

Write a description

Tag a person

Add a place

Add alt text to describe your photos to visually impaired people

Disable comments directly under your post

On its online version, Instagram offers less advanced features than on the mobile application.

We therefore only notice three points in common between the two versions, each having their particularities and options. However, there is no denying that there are more features on the app than on the website.

4. Save a draft

You want to post content on Instagram, then you realize that it’s not the right time, not the right photo, … On your mobile application, you can save a draft of your post, in order to resume later. You can leave it as it is, or even modify it to your liking. The positive point is that it remains saved on your profile, in private. By wanting to publish a photo on your PC, you have no room for error. If you don’t post it, it won’t save to your drafts. Again, this feature is unavailable on the website version.

5. Settings

Last big difference between the website and app version: your Instagram account settings! By clicking on the top right of your screens, when you are on your profile page, you have access to a wide range of features. That said, there are always more of them on your smartphone. On your PC, you will only have access to settings, saved items and you will have the option to switch accounts. Once again, via the application, you have access to a whole range of functionalities, in addition to the basic ones: your activity on the application, your archives, your QR code, your close friends, your favorite accounts, your means. payment, and many more.

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