Shared, cloud or dedicated hosting: which one to choose?

dedicated hosting


When carrying out a web project, a question quickly arises: who hosts the website ? Via a service provider, directly with a host? Today, thanks to this article, we are going to introduce you and help you choose the best hosting offer for your project.

Shared hosting

This is the most popular and accessible offer. It is found for example at OVH, 1and1 or Gandi with attractive prices. It has the advantage of being easy to configure with few options: an FTP server for files and a database server.

In our opinion, this is an interesting offer to launch your personal website , a blog, a small business or an association. However, keep in mind that the server is “shared” and therefore your server will be shared with other customers.

On the downside, there is, for example, customer service that is only done by email or availability that can be a problem (with some interruptions).

This solution is available from 5 euros excl.

Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated server is a machine, as its name suggests, which is dedicated to a single client . Resources are not shared and the whole machine belongs to you. You can install the packages you want, put several websites, an email solution, etc.

Before the arrival of the cloud, it was a very popular solution for having a minimum of stability and performance. If you are a company with several websites to host, a dedicated server may be a good idea to save money .

Be careful to properly size your machine, indeed unlike the cloud, it is not possible to easily increase the RAM memory or the processor: we are of course physical and not virtual. Need more power? It is then necessary to change and completely migrate the machine.

Rates start from 45 euros excl.  (excluding outsourcing).

Cloud Hosting

Let’s finish with the cloud, it has been the new fashionable hosting for a few years. Why ? Quite simply because it allows you to combine the performance of a dedicated server by adding flexibility with virtualization .

Thus, during a TV broadcast, it is easy to anticipate the load by temporarily increasing the resources of the machine to withstand a peak in traffic.

This solution is interesting because it is halfway in terms of price between shared hosting and dedicated server. There are offers around 20 euros HT/month (excluding outsourcing).

And at Hiboost?

We offer a hosting offer based on the OVH cloud . All outsourcing is managed internally by our team (configuration, monitoring, backup). Whether for a showcase, e-commerce or custom site, we deploy a personalized infrastructure to meet your needs.

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